About Us

About Us

Iran-China Co. with the aim of promoting the quality of Chinese products in Iran, localization of production of products inside Iran and consequently mentioning is scheduled as a collaboration platform between Chinese and Iranian manufacturers.

With the belief of the friendly relationship between the two ancient nations of Iran and China, while localization and promoting the production level of our products, we have considered the mentioning of cooperative method as one of the main objectives and all the personnel involved in the platform from a simple worker to the representatives of the province of the shareholders and provincial stakeholders Stakeholders will be cooperative.



We believe that in the Middle East, Iran will be the best line of communication with China and the expansion of Chinese-trade brands to the Middle East.


Iran-China Industrial and distribution cooperative platform  In Sirjan Special Economic zone with personal capital began its movement and aims to localize manufacturing industries in three categories: Electric, Electronics , Home Appliances  will operate.

Where is our first destination and why?

The first market that this platform considers is the Middle East market with a focus on Iran and Iraq.

The reason for choosing the Middle East and its preference to European and American markets:

1. European and American countries owns the industry, but the Middle East has oil and mineral resources. Even the countries in the industry, these industries are imported and are not in general the indigenous industry. Middle East countries potential consumer markets, so to get the platform power, we reasonably go to consumer markets. 2. The Middle East is a collection of Arabic and non-Arab countries, selected to satisfy the Moroccan of Iraq as the Arab market and for non-Arab countries of Iran. 3. The geographical and economic conditions of Iran and also of good economic, cultural and commercial relations of the two countries of China and Iran, as factors that can be used by Iran as the main growth base of China exports.

What are the products that the CDC plans for?

1-Electrical Industry 2-electric power 3-Electrical Industries 4-Electronics Industries 


What CICPD going to do?

  • - Help Chinese manufacturer for export their products to abroad
  • - Introduced new markets to Chinese suppliers
  • - Finding better solution for investment regards to one belt one road
  • - Making local R&D and sales team in destination
  • - Making local showrooms which don’t need Chinese manufacturer attend to any exhibition


Production process:

Phase 1-Commissioning of the industrial CD of the CIF in the special commercial zone of Sirjan in the land with a size of 10 m2.

The first phase of the startup with the personal capital of the primary owners of the Iran-China cooperative production and distribution cooperatives, which has three units of production meter, a hall of 500 meters of assembly, an administrative unit of 500 yards, is a 500-meter settlement unit with all facilities. At this stage, the full set of electronic production and installation lines were Christmas.

Primary products: Led bubble lamp, LED panels, solar panels, inverters, fluent pictorial

Phase II-adding 10 square meters to the torch, creating 4000 m production hall, commissioning of printing and packaging lines, plastic injection lines, low-power LED lamps with and without solar energy

Phase III – Adding 10 square meters to the coast, creating 4 production halls in the area of apprehended which 1000 meter set up, diffusers, Dicast and related industries to implement all projects of lighting industries with domestic consumption, industry and industrial.

Phase-I – Increase the number of up to 10 m², the establishment of 4 halls in the area of each meter in two floors of the production and warehouse, commissioning of mobile production line and related industries.

Phase 5 – Increase to 20 square meters on the floor, construction of the residential sector and Welfare, school, playground, restaurant, shop

Phase 6 – Increase of 10 m²/m2, commissioning of production lines: fruit juice, food processor, rice cooker, vacuum cleaner

Desired Time: 6 years

We work hard, and we work fast, while maintaining the quality and accuracy we’re known for. We bring out the best in each other, always inventing and reinventing. You can do amazing work here. Our career development opportunities will give you every resource you need to reach your full potential but it’s up to you to make it happen.


In the field of marketing and the establishment of a suitable platform for direct communication with consumers, the independent sales organization called "Iran-China Gateway" has been set up, which products of this industrial city will be available online at a single price all over the country.


Sales process:

The first year - programming for the creation of websites and software used on phones in Persian and English languages, the establishment of sales agencies throughout the country for the direct supply of goods from the factory to the consumer. Reaching the self-sufficiency of at least two products from lighting products to cut imports.

Second Year - Opening of Arab Bureau departments in Dubai and Iraq to cover the Arab Middle East markets. Start of export of goods, market self-sufficiency in two other products of lighting industry.


Third Year - Opening the Georgian-Turkish Offices to cover the Asian-European Common Market. Covering the European market, valuing and preventing crude commodities, achieving the country''s self-sufficiency in high-consumption products and cutting off imports.




Our experts


As seen in our Business Culture, we are unreasonably picky about our peers. This sentiment applies to our executives as well. The CICPD management team is comprised of savvy entrepreneurs and industry experts, bringing years of experience to a young company. They cultivate our strong culture and work tirelessly to help our team scale, grow, and succeed.