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A platform that has begun with the close cooperation of Chinese and Iranian producers as a joint venture in the Sirjan Special Economic Zone. On the one hand, Chinese investors such as manufacturing companies or commerce and, on the other hand, Iranian manufacturing companies or commerce are the main investors of this platform.


In addition, the cooperative will seek to attract shareholders through the sale of shares to natural and legal persons, with the approach of attracting wandering funds to targeted production. The goals of the Chinese-Iranian cooperative production and distribution division in four major areas of high consumption include lighting, electrical engineering, electronics and home appliances. Choosing these goals is based on the size of the Middle East and the area of ​​consumer spending, which has a huge turnover. Also, this area can be completely separate from the public sector and, by relying solely on the private sector, to localize technology.

To start the platform, the initial investors of the cooperative, having chosen the special economic zone of Sirjan, due to faster access to the largest commercial port of Iran, as well as having a rail link up to the special area, bought land with a total area of ​​10,000 square meters and built in the first phase. Three production halls of three thousand meters, a conference hall and 500 meter training unit, a 500-meter office unit, and a 800-meter-long catering facility with all the facilities are on the agenda of this cooperative.




 At present, the leading company Fartak Behsazan Vieira as the main investor and initiator of this movement, is present in the region. In this phase, as the first joint product of Iran and China, a variety of LED bubble lamps will be produced and supplied, which is to supply the domestic market of Iran and, at the same time, export to the neighboring countries the purpose of the cooperative business sector.